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‘A couple months ago you visited my school to speak about revision. I realised after you came to my school, I found the revision guides you provided really handy and I have not been getting distracted by my phone - and grades have got higher!’ - Mandy, Year 10 Student

'I just wanted to say a very big thank you for coming in to school today to inspire and motivate the girls. Your talk was perfect, just what we needed to kick start the day which turned out to be great fun, if a little exhausting! The girls could all relate to you, and were fascinated to hear about your journey. As I tell them frequently, it is all about the journey, not the destination,  so they should try to enjoy every stage and make the most of every opportunity.' - Head of Careers and Higher Education, Private School

'Thank you for your message and a HUGE thank you for coming to Sutton High yesterday.  Your message of loving learning, and not giving up when things don’t go to plan really resonated with the students.  Evidenced by the HUGE number of questions the girls asked.  Its only usually in Junior School that so many hands go up – and I don’t think that was only because of the lovely folders!' Girls' Day School Trust, Board Member

'The ACHIEVE Programme opened my eyes to so many available opportunities out there to make me stand out such as work experience and take part in more extra curriculum stuff to set me apart.' - Rhoda, sixth form student

'For me, The ACHIEVE Programme has not just helped me with studying but helped me look at things in a different way. For example, learning to network with people and make different contacts that may be useful in the future. The programme allowed me to focus on my studies more thoroughly and also gave me opportunities and insights to different pathways through our social events and trips to various places e.g. House of Parliament.' - Nodi, sixth form student

'Ruth and her partners have broadened my horizons and exposed me to experiences that have been very beneficial to me. The program has taken me to places I would never have imagined attending a year ago. These places such as the Houses of Parliament, London School of Economics and Nottingham University have in their own rights extended my knowledge and values. Without this program I would be unknowingly disadvantaged against my peers because I’ve gained so much inside knowledge from those already established within these systems.' - Itsesan, sixth form student

'It's the push that school doesn't give you to achieve the best of your ability' - Angel, sixth form student

Being in The ACHIEVE Programme has shown me the way to further myself to be unique from others - Glenda, sixth form student

'I like The ACHIEVE Programme as it has provided a lot of opportunities about the educational system won't provide and it is beneficial. I like the mentors because they are encouraging and positive. They are pushing for the best and want us to receive our full potential. It has opened doors and really helped us know our worth and not aim lower than we should.'   – Rebekah, sixth form student

'It has allowed me to realise we are all capable of achieving the top.' - Kavan, sixth form student

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