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A couple months ago you visited my school to speak about revision. I realised after you came to my school, I found the revision guides you provided really handy and I have not been getting distracted by my phone - and grades have got higher!
— Mandy, Year 10 Student
Thank you for your talk. It was really good. It was really engaging, you captured their attention which is quite hard. It was really relatable and preached resilience which is what they need.
— Year 10 Teacher
For me, The ACHIEVE Programme has not just helped me with studying but helped me look at things in a different way. For example, learning to network with people and make different contacts that may be useful in the future. The programme allowed me to focus on my studies more thoroughly and also gave me opportunities and insights to different pathways through our social events and trips to various places e.g. House of Parliament.
— Nodi, Sixth Form Student
I’d like to say a huge thank you for coming to challenge and inspire our students during their rewards evening. Your passion for supporting and inspiring young people was clear from your demeanour. Your advice was succinct and pitched incredibly well for our event. Students were encouraged and inspired by your story! I look forward to working with you again in the future!
— Teacher & Lead Practitioner
It has allowed me to realise we are all capable of achieving the top.
— Kavan, Sixth Form Student

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