We are a team of aspiring professionals who are either studying at university or have graduated in the last five years. Every team member and volunteer is trained in every aspect of our programmes.


Ruth ofori-danso

founder & public speaker


Jemmy kwakye-saka



beverly nyame

finance department & mentor


timothy krolak

media department & cc designer


Adonelle Sagoe

social media


lois mensah

guest mentor / guest speaker

We offer experience to university students who would like to mentor, as they have recently been through the sixth form or college process. This will also be great for individuals pursuing careers in tutoring, teaching or working with children and youth. However, our applications are open to all.

We are currently recruiting for Team Members, Volunteers and Tutors.

To apply, please send your CV, attached with 100 words to why you would like to apply for this post and work for The Cultivate Cloud. Please send it to or fill in the google docs form here.

TIP - as we mentor the next generation, we also provide support to the mentors so they can continue to grow as they prepare for their future plans and career field.