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David Beckham is the model of excellence, he is the type of guy we need to learn from. He did something we all fear would happen, does not actually end up happening and when it does, we freak out.


When you most personal and inner hidden thoughts get exposed, how is this going to portray you? The whole Beckileaks debacle made me wonder, ‘is possible to be excellent in all things?’


I often have thought this. Especially in education. How could I be great in both Maths and English and not just one? Or why I was excellent in History but not so excellent when it came to Physical Education (PE). I mean, the prospects of running around and getting hot and sweaty when you are chubby fourteen year old is vastly different to when you can be a chubby fourteen year old, studying about the past and the impact it has had on the present.


Anyway, the concept of being excellent is a standard I personally want for my life. I want people to see me, hear me, engage with me and think, wow – that’s an excellent woman. She is an example, she is a resource person of what excellence is.

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Why BAME is more than a business case

Applicable to anyone in the workplace



Name: Sandra Mirkeu

Age: 19

University: EA

Subject: Medicine



Name: Aaron Opoku

Age: 21

University: University of Portsmouth




Name: Roselyn Mensah

Age: 20

University: Durham University

Subject: Pharmacy




It’s so easy how we can lose our religion when it comes to revision.

When it comes to exam time, you always see people posting bible scriptures and verses, which is actually very encouraging but when we are posting it for image gang and the sake of posting, its questionable to how effective it really is.

The bible scripture everyone loves to post during exam time is Proverbs 3v5-6:

v5 - Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;

v6 - in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

When it comes to exam season, I see that verse everywhere. And it makes me think, are people really trusting in the Lord? And they lean on God’s understanding?


Who is TED?

A question my father recently asked me, in response to me telling him, I had watched a TED Talk and was feeling inspired. His first question was who is TED, and how was I ‘feeling inspired’?

At first, this question threw me off; I mean, I never thought of TED as a person, but more of a platform to transmit ideas and concepts. But have you ever tried to explain this to a fifty-eight year old man of Ghanaian heritage still experiencing culture shock?



I mean, we all want to see where we are going in life. But more so, what our aspirations are.

People often ask who you are and what you do and often these questions are the way people want to qualify us. It is the way people size us up, an indication to the type of people that we are and if you are ‘worth it’.

But because you are you, you are worth it. Vision is important.


Age doesn’t qualify you.

Many a times, people try and size us up with our ages; they ask you how old you are, compare you with other people in that age category, and compare you in relation to themselves. Just to see if you are ‘up to standards’.


Because people equal age to experiences. Yes, the older you are, it’s likely that you will have more experiences but this doesn’t qualify you. Especially if you don’t learn from these experiences.

How can you learn from you experiences, rather than just talking about them?

Pitching perfect & PRESENTING PROUD

Imagine your dream job. Okay now imagine your dream job becoming a reality. No, this isn't the introduction to a job advert, in fact this is the very opposite. This is an introduction to a job, role or should I say an activity most people hate.


That is public speaking. A survey said that most people would rather die than speak publicly. And to be honest, I can understand why (to an extent, it doesn't mean that I agree)! But most often, when you die, you don't actually have to deal with the aftermath of it all. No dithering eyes, awkward questions and if you are lucky enough, during the process, you can slip out without anyone noticing.



Michel Foucault proposed that ‘knowledge is power’

Power, knowledge and wisdom. Three distantly connected concepts.

They say that knowledge is power. For this to be true, we need to consider what knowledge is. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘Knowledge’ as - Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

So how can knowledge be powerful? All these acquired skills must be reputable for something; it should be yielded for something profitable in education.



I never really understood the concept of a start up company? I guess it’s pretty self-explanatory; you are starting (it’s new) and the only way is up (all the way to the top). A start-up.

I remember working for a start-up company. A relatively small company of nine members of staff – including myself. I think before even considering my experience of working there, I think it is important to consider how they even found me. I was working as a holiday receptionist in a school (a new concept for me too, I didn’t know what it was till they hired me!); answering the phone, taking messages and mundanely typing up bits and pieces of work.

Anyway, desk, me, working, school – with several people walking past.

It never occurred to me that in the midst of all this, another job could emerge for me. In the six days I was working as a holiday receptionist, one of the contractors to the school, who was also a Managing Director of an external company, as well as one of the many people who had walked past and seen me hard at work at the reception (and not playing several hours of candy crush!) asked me to come to their office next door.