A seven step programme that cultivates the potential of youth to become well-informed and successful students that are equipped to excel in their chosen career path. We work with a range of students in secondary school, sixth form and/or college as well as university to help them realise their potential and challenge their mindsets through a series of workshops and seminars.


We do not ask for potential applicants to send a CV or a cover letter. Instead, potential applicants are required to write 100 words detailing why they want to join the programme. There is no grade criteria to meet this programme. We require students who are passionate about their education and future and willing to learn. We read and screen each application to assess how The ACHIEVE Programme can best suited to help the student applying.

We will meet with the potential candidates. This is not an interview but a conversation with a purpose; to understand the students and give the students the opportunity to explain what they are expecting and how the programme can best benefit them.

We have two group meetings every month and a one to one session with each student every other month to check their progress and ensure they are working towards a career of excellence.

To apply, please email this to: with your 100 words or fill in the google docs form here.

For more information about The ACHIEVE Programme, click HERE.