achieve workshop

The 7-step programme consists of the following workshops.



This is the first step of the programme and the most important. A person’s attitude will dictate their perspective and therefore influence how they approach situations - with an attitude of greatness.

1. How to be great-ER

2. 3/2/1 Greater Mindset

3. Study Smart, Study Skills

4. The Link-Up (Networking Skills)



We teach the necessary skills to support the students to focus on themselves, their current position and resources available to them for their future ambitions. We take the time for them to explore and identify the areas they are passionate about and how this can lead to their potential career fields.

1. The Gap Between Passion and Potential

2. The Puzzle of Potential

3. The Biggest Picture

4. Credible Character



We aim to offer a helping hand to address the five biggest issues that we have identified that students face, amongst others: family, relationships, gender, ethnicity and class – through a number of seminars, discussions and panellists. The students will also help a charity or a cause.

1. Problems are a MINORITY (Ethnicity)

2. How to be on the Come-Up (Class)

3. Familial Relations (Family)

4. Date Yourself vs. Making Movements (Relationships)

5. Mankind, Womankind (Gender)

6. The Social Construction of Illness (Health and Wellbeing)

7. Help a Charity, Help a Cause (Giving)



This is a specific series of sessions to work with each individual on the obstacles they want to address as well as some identified by Team CC.


1. Personal Branding

2. How to be a Multi-Potentialite

3. The Key to Wealth Creation

4. What is Success?

5. The Online Me - CVs, LinkedIn, UCAS, Student Finance, Cover Letters and Jobs Online



In all things strive for excellence. We teach, support and develop a mind-set of excellence so their actions can reflect this. 

1. The Secret to Excellence

2. Making the Most of Opportunities

3. Interview Excellence

4. Presenting Proud (Public Speaking & Presentation Skills)



This stresses the worth of all things – education, networks and career opportunities.

1. How to Make the Most of Your University Experience

2. Internships at University

3. Letting Leaders Lead

4. Hello, Hi, Hey (Communication)



The overall programme wants students to stand out whether they are in an interview or writing a CV or personal statement and even in their job applications. The programme teaches students to take initiative for their future with many students already on our programme doing so with some starting their own businesses, successfully earning internships and employment.

There are no programmes for EXTRAORDINARY because at the end of this programme, we strive for students to be extraordinary - set apart as they are well-informed, influential and successful individuals in their target area.